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5 Essential Tips to Tackle School

Hello ambitious scholars! I know school just started a few days or weeks ago and I know you're really getting the hang of things and enjoying it... or maybe not.  You're probably asking yourself, how can I get out of the procrastination or lazy mood? What can I do to make this school year successful although there's a pandemic. How can I do better than I did last year? Here's a few tips to create some smooth, successful and prosperous sailing for the school year!

1. Create a schedule   

- Starting a schedule will help you with time management, and what's better than allotting time for certain events or assignments that are going on? Make sure to create   enough time for your school work, but make time for yourself as well. A well rested body and brain is 100% more ready than an overloaded and tired body.   

- Ensure everyday of the week is scheduled to where you have equal time for every subject, class and for yourself as well.     

- A planner or a calendar is a great way to keep track of your schedule.

2. Stop procrastinating    

- I understand the phrase "I'll get it later" or "I have until this day" and even "It's not that hard and it won't take that long to do." Why not say "Let me go ahead and tackle these assignments." When you say it, you'll do it and put forth the effort! Procrastination may seem alright, but it might not give you enough time to do your best work. This is where scheduling works, and what's better than getting everything out of the way so have more time for yourself.

3. Communicate with your teacher/educator   

- The best way to understand whatever is going on within the classroom whether it is virtual or face to face is by communicating with your teacher. Never be afraid to ask questions and make statements that your teacher can address. This will help you to accomplish more and not be as confused as your counterparts. 

4. Get enough sleep    

- Sleep may seem minor, but it can have a great effect on how well you'll do in the classroom. It is said that 8 hours of sleep leaves people well rested and rejuvenated to tackle the day. Stop looking at your phone and even your television after certain eyes to give your eyes some rest. 

5. Get organized 

 - Organization is the key to a stress free life. Make sure your documents, homework or other important assignments are organized before heading to class and before your virtual classes. You don't want to scramble to find homework at the last minute or not be able to find notes when you need them! Organization saves a lot of time out of your daily schedule and also promotes cleanliness and neatness.

I wish you much success for the school year and hope that these tips help you in some way!
Joanna H
Your Homework Coaching Specialist
Alabama State University
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