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Privacy Nurturing Hidden Potential

Frog Tutoring is committed to ensuring your information is highly protected. Any information provided to us will be safeguarded in our company database. Please read the following on our privacy practices

Personal Information


Frog Tutoring collects information such as names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, grade levels, and referrals. We collect this information mainly for the purpose of facilitating the job duties of our tutors and administrative staff. Tutors use this information to contact their assigned families and travel to their families’ preferred tutoring locations. Administrative staff uses customer information for billing purposes. We do not disclose personal information to individuals outside of Frog Tutoring or tutors who are not assigned to our customers. All online transactions are encrypted. Frog Tutoring may also send out surveys to current or previous customers to follow up on services and exercise quality assurance. Questions are related to previous or current Frog Tutoring services. This personal information is only disclosed to Frog Tutoring administrators.


Information provided by the tutor will not be disclosed to any entity outside of Frog Tutoring. Information apart from customer names will not be disclosed to other tutors. A tutor’s name will be disclosed to the tutor’s assigned families. Other personal information will be kept private unless authorized by the tutor.


Information provided by an applicant seeking a career with Frog Tutoring will be used to verify credentials and provide a basis upon which Frog Tutoring administrators will make a decision on hiring the individual. If the applicant is not hired, information is either locked or destroyed.


Frog Tutoring is committed to making sure your personal information is secure. We do not sell information to third parties unaffiliated with Frog Tutoring. Visitors under 13 years of age should not fill out provided contact forms without consent of a parent or guardian.