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About Us Nurturing Hidden Potential

Our Story

In 2009, Roland Omene, a TCU biochemistry graduate, founded Frog Tutoring. The company originated in Fort Worth, TX, and is quickly expanding to cities all over the country. Frog Tutoring was founded under the belief that all students deserve tutoring regardless of age. We believe the first step in successful tutoring is finding the "right" tutor. That is why we only hire the top students and graduates from local colleges in the area. Each one of our well-trained tutors specializes in at least one area of expertise and is eager to aid in the academic success of the students they tutor. We ensure our tutors’ expertise by requiring that they maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their area of specialization and through our unique 3-step training program. Frog Tutors are not just intelligent individuals and excellent instructors, but role models who use their mentorship skills to inspire their students to achieve success both academically and personally.

About Us

Frog Tutoring provides one-on-one, in-home private tutoring customized to the needs of the student. We specialize in math and science (though we can provide assistance in all disciplines), offering quality tutoring to students from all ages. Frog tutors are current students and graduates from local universities. They are skilled in adapting to each student’s unique needs and making the learning process fun! Education is our passion, and we want it to be yours as well.


The purpose of our organization is to make a positive difference in the lives of students through personalized tutoring and mentoring. First and foremost, Frog Tutoring is a family! We focus on mentoring and building relationships because we believe that a person-to-person connection is the best way to grow our clients from everyday students into motivated achievers.

In everything we do, Frog Tutoring strives to perform to the highest degree of quality, accountability, and transparency. We have three basic tutoring philosophies: One Step Ahead, Reinforcement, and Organization & Study Skills.

Tutoring Approach

Traditional tutoring programs focus on small group tutoring at tutoring centers. However, studies have shown that students learn more effectively in a one-on-one setting in the comfort of their own home. So rather than having you come to us, we maximize your child’s learning potential by bringing our tutoring services to you.

Frog Tutoring also understands that it’s more than tutoring, it’s mentoring. Our tutors make a conscious effort to get to know their students, build relationships with them, and motivate and encourage each child individually.